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Company Introduction

Shanghai Kaifan Petrochemical Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Kaifan Petrochemical Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd.) is located in Shanghai Economic Development District. Kaifan has a long history of producing petrochemical storage and piping equipment. Kaifan has a long partnership with China Petrochemical Corporation (Sinopec), China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and the former Ministry of Industrial Chemistry. Kaifan produces products adhering to ISO 9001.

The manufacturing facility covers 23,850m2, and employs 180 personnel, 35% of which possess advanced knowledge of petrochemical manufacturing. Kaifan possesses 153 sets of manufacturing equipment suitable for medium to large fabrication processing. Our quality control and assurance processes are in line with international quality standards. By partnering this equipment with such rigorous standards, Kaifan has become renowned for its high quality with respect to design, development, manufacturing, and standardization.

Our company specializes in petrochemical storage solutions and relevant accessories. Our main products include filtration systems, precise filters, breather valves, flame-extinguishers, internal observation equipment, xxxxxx, xxxx, xxxx, water separators, sampling equipment, xxxx, mufflers, etc.

Our company provides a wide range of high quality products with consistent performance. Our products are widely used both domestically and internationally in a variety of industries including the petrochemical, chemical engineering and pharmaceutical industries.

Kaifan products have been used in the CNPC Sudan Project, Sinopec Algeria Project, CNPC Iraq Missan Oil Refinery, Central Asian Pipeline, Wilmar Chloro-alkaline Project, State Grid BDO Methanol Production, Daqing Petroleum Ethylene Project, Hengli Petroleum Dalian/Yingkou PTA Project, Xianglu Petroleum Zhangzhou PX/PTA Project, Shenhua Coal Chemical Industry Project, and Shandong Yantai MDI Project.

Kaifan also supplies petrochemical storage and piping equipment to major design institutes and petrochemical engineering construction companies. Our products have been exported to Kazakhstan, Algeria, Vietnam, Australia and Italy, etc.

Our Company Motto is ¡°Quality First, Customer Oriented¡±. Kaifan adopts the most cutting edge technologies and always strives to adapt to the latest domestic and international standards. Kaifan welcomes all inquiries from all around the world and looks forward to collaborating with domestic and international companies by providing them with the highest quality products at competitive prices, excellent after-sales support and the most satisfying overall service.

About Kaifan

To achieve success with quality products;
The pride of the company rests in its quality;
In the pursuit of excellence we discard the mediocre. No expenses spared, with rigorous development;
With standardized quality control and systematic quality assurance, this is Kaifan¡¯s promise;
The world¡¯s end is no obstacle to Kaifan;
Kaifan, in cooperation with its local partners, manufactures products of impeccable quality...

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