Into the Kaifan

Strategic planning

  • Globalization£ºDo strong China, bigger overseas, to achieve a competitive position across.
  • Excellence£ºIntegrated development, system management, fine management, to create excellence in the value chain.
  • Industrialization£ºOne step ahead, in the core competitiveness based on the development of upstream and downstream industries to expand the diversified development, to create a new growth point.

  • strategic target£ºIn 2015 the output value doubled, 2014-2018 year on year profit doubled, expanding overseas business, the construction of the international competitiveness of the world fluid industry enterprises.
  • About Kaifan

    To achieve success with quality products;
    The pride of the company rests in its quality;
    In the pursuit of excellence we discard the mediocre. No expenses spared, with rigorous development;
    With standardized quality control and systematic quality assurance, this is Kaifan¡¯s promise;
    The world¡¯s end is no obstacle to Kaifan;
    Kaifan, in cooperation with its local partners, manufactures products of impeccable quality...

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