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Education and training

Learning is the starting point for the development of staff, training is the basis for enterprise development. Shanghai Kaifan believe each employee are all talented people, therefore follow the & ldquo; should be individualized, Liangcai applicable & rdquo; principle, the right people placed in a suitable position play the greatest degree of intelligence. For employee development potential and professional vision, to provide technical personnel and management talent dual channel talent and training Education system, the eternal enhance the value of employees

2014 training direction



About Kaifan

To achieve success with quality products;
The pride of the company rests in its quality;
In the pursuit of excellence we discard the mediocre. No expenses spared, with rigorous development;
With standardized quality control and systematic quality assurance, this is Kaifans promise;
The worlds end is no obstacle to Kaifan;
Kaifan, in cooperation with its local partners, manufactures products of impeccable quality...

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