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    Precision filter series

    Our fusion filter research and development experience for many years, the introduction of standard of similar products in Germany, is a leading micron filter supplier, especially in filtration and separation of liquid and gas, purifying environment and system integration have mature experience.

    Large bore filter

    A coarse filter is a small device that removes a small amount of solid particles in a liquid, and protects the normal operation of the compressor, pump, meter, and other equipment. Applicable to chemical, petroleum, light industry, food, pharmaceutical and other special requirements of the material filter.

    Filter Cartridge

    Filter is the heart of the filter, but also the main principle of the filter, is in order to purify the original ecological resources and resources to re-use and the need for purification equipment. Suitable for steel smelting, electricity production, marine purification, water treatment and other industries.

    Flame arresters

    Flame arrester is a safety device used to prevent flammable gas, liquid flame spread and to prevent the explosion caused by tempering. Our introduction of advanced technology, research and development of flame arrester is particularly applicable to hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and liquefied petroleum gas and other media.

    Breathing Valve Series

    Our research and development with the international advanced level of HXF-IZ explosion-proof fire breathing valve, with a compact structure, large ventilation, small leakage, corrosion resistance, good sealing performance, etc..

    Tank pore-opening series

    Tank pore-opening series The main products are oil hole, air vents, air bubble generator, manhole, hole cleaning, pipe drain holes etc.. Suitable for water conservancy, electricity, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, medicine and textile industries.

    Inner floating disc series

    The inner floating disc is arranged on the upper part of the storage tank, which can effectively reduce the volatilization loss during the storage process, save the energy, reduce the safety hidden danger and reduce the environmental pollution.

    Muffler series

    Muffler is a device which is installed in the air power equipment or air conditioning end (such as blower, air pressure) on the air flow channel or in the exhaust system of noise reduction device. The main products of our company are micro hole muffler and damping sound absorption muffler.

    Oil tank floating oil outlet device

    Oil tank floating oil outlet device Installed in the storage tank, used to prevent the bottom impurity and oil mixture out of the tank, and thus ensure the purity of oil. Suitable for domestic and international oil transportation, oil field, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, aviation and other industries.

    Oil mixer series

    Oil blending device is a special equipment used in petrochemical liquid blending. It is divided into two kinds of single nozzle and multi nozzle.。

    Tank water-cutting machine

    Water cut is used to solve the artificial water cut when the hydrogen sulfide poisoning, I Division professional R & D machinery, mechanical and electrical integration, intelligent and other water to meet the needs of customers.

    Tank sampler

    Division I has a number of environmental protection product patent, have been involved in the sampler SH/T3414-1999 national standards formulated and sampler series production of KGC tank installed in internal and external floating roof tank can be used in different medium and tank type.

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