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Breathing Valve Series

Breather valves are safe energy saving products which keeps gas pressure balance of the tank and reduce medium volatilization. They make full use of the pressure bearing of the tank to reduce medium emission. When the pressure inside the tank is within the control pressure of the breather valves,, the valves do not work and keep the tightness of the tank. If medium are transferred in the tank and increase the gas pressure upper tank to a certain value, the pressure valve would open and let gas out to keep the pressure in the tank from increasing; if medium are transferred out of the tank and reduce the gas pressure upper tank to a certain value, the valve would open and let gas in to keep the pressure in the tank from decreasing. .
Main applications:
Breather valves and flame arresters are necessary safe equipment for the tanks. They keep pressure balance for the tank and protect the tank from damaging when pressure overload or vacuum, and reduce the volatilization and consumption of the medium inside the tank. The valve is installed on the top of the tank, and is often used with flame arresters.
Main properties:
Huge gas flow and low leakage, high corrosion resistance and good sealing performance are all our advantages. Recent research has promoted international explosion proof flame arresting breather valves. The arrester is located on the suction inlet to prevent flames and is small and easy to maintain. ETFE has been adopted for the valve disk and has great low temperature tolerance. Electro static output has been placed in the valve to keep the valve and the tank equipotential.
Main technological parameters:
1.Coat: carbon steel, Al alloy, stainless steel, lining fluorine and plastics.
2.Inner core devices: valve plate, valve foundation, valve stick, valve cover
3.Inner core material: stainless steel or ETFE
4.Corrosion material: ETFE
5.Temperature: -40~+60℃
6.Operating pressure:
A型: +355pa (+36mmH20), -259pa(-30mmH20)
B型:+980pa (+100mmH20), -259pa(-30mmH20)
C型:+1750pa (+180mmH20), -259pa(-30mmH20)
D型: Customization is available.
7.Flame arresting material: stainless steel
8.Explosive proof grade:BS5501: ⅡA ⅡB ⅡC
9.Flange standard:GB ,HG, SH, HGJ, JB, ANSL, JIS and so on.
10.Producing and testing standard:

1) Storage
If not installed instantly, rain cover storage is necessary. No inversion for breather valves.
2) Maintenance
a. Breather valves need checking every month, dirt has to be removed. Every half a year, transformer oil needs to be applied to the valve covers and sticks.
b. Flame arresting layers of the breather valves need checking every half a year. If dirty, they should be cleaned and dried before used again.
c. The breather valves need painting every year.

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