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Tank pore-opening series

In order to complete the normal operation of the storage tank, the tank opening accessories should be equipped with the corresponding equipment to ensure the safety production.
I our production tank pore-opening series products main oil measuring hole, initiations through stomata, air foam generator, the tank wall through stomata, tank manhole, cleaning hole, put the waste pipe hole etc..
1, the amount of oil hole installed in the top of the tank, used to measure the level of oil in the tank and measure and sampling, etc.. Widely used in municipal construction, irrigation and water conservancy, thermal power, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, fire protection, food, transportation, medicine and textile and other fields.
2, the tank top vent pipe is installed in the top of the heavy oil tank to play the role of respiration.
3, air foam generator is fixed and installed in the storage tank to produce and spray the air foam fire extinguishing equipment.
4, walls of the tank vent is installed in the tank on top of the safety of emergency ventilation devices, usually associated with fire, mechanical breathing valve supporting the use, both to avoid because of the cause of the accident caused by the tank super sharp pressure or vacuum damaged tanks and accidents, and fire safe function, is a safety device tank protection, especially for dome material storage cap with nitrogen at atmospheric pressure tank.
5, the manhole of the tank wall mounted on the tank bottom, one can import from the hole.
6, cleaning hole is one of the tank accessories, in order to clear the bottom of the tank product and set the.
7, with drainage pipe drainage holes installed in the light tank. The sludge is discharged from the hole when the oil tank is cleaned. At ordinary times, the sewage can be discharged from the discharge pipe from the water pipe.

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