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Oil depot is a strong backing to support China's economic development, but the oil volatile can be wasted a lot of oil, if converted into economic value, may be equivalent to more than ten billion. Actually solve these wasted method is very simple, is installed in the upper part of the storage tank installed in the floating disc, it can effectively reduce the oil in the process of evaporation loss in the storage, save energy, meanwhile can reduce the security risks and reduce the pollution of the environment.
Advantages of the inner floating disc:
1 inner floating disc parts are easy to manufacture, transport, assemble and install, which can shorten the period of production greatly.
2 inner floating disc has large buoyancy, strong stability, strong anti inclination and clamping ability, and can meet the needs of many people to walk on the floating plate.
3 inner floating disc are all made of high quality aluminum alloy or stainless steel, high strength, no rust, no pollution, long life.
4 inner floating disc is suitable for new and old storage tanks. Internal floating roof
The main characteristics of inner floating disc:
The 1 main components of pontoon floating disc by whole heat aluminum extrusion molding, the material is LF21Y2 and LD31RCS.
2 internal floating plate suitable for medium: the aluminum alloy or stainless steel non corrosive to engage in volatile liquid petroleum products.
All 3 buoys inner floating disc single equipment to provide the total weight of more than 2 times the buoyancy.
4 inner floating disc sealing material selection of nitrile rubber and PTFE, rubber sealing belt and divided tongue shaped bag type sealing with two forms.
5 internal floating roof is designed to meet the requirements of SH3046-92 and AP1650-98 standards.
The scope of application of inner floating disc:
1 working pressure: atmospheric storage tank
2 working temperature: -30 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees C
3 medium: oil, such as naphtha, gasoline and diesel, kerosene and crude oil, fuel oil, heavy oil, benzene, xylene, methanol, ethanol, and other on aluminum alloy without corrosive
4 applicable to the storage of gasoline, light diesel oil, crude oil and other high volatile oil and alcohol, benzene and other chemical medium of the floating roof tank can also be installed in the renovation of the dome tank.

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