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Muffler is a device which is used to prevent sound from spreading, and it is an important measure to eliminate aerodynamic noise. The muffler is a device which is installed on the air power equipment or the air conditioner end, such as the air flow passage of the air compressor, the air flow passage of the air compressor or the noise reduction in the air inlet and exhaust system. Muffler can prevent the propagation of sound waves, allowing air flow through, is an effective tool to control noise.
Our main production muffler equipment has micro hole muffler, damping sound absorption muffler.
1, micro pore muffler is a kind of special equipment which can obstruct the sound transmission and let the air flow pass through, and prevent and control the air power noise. It consists of multiple different Bartonella using porous diffusion principle change audio original air exhaust emptying muffler, muffler with multi cavity structure, without the use of any resistance sound absorption filler, has long service life, small resistance loss, noise band width; high temperature resistance, resistance to impact of high speed airflow; not afraid of oil mist and water vapor; no need maintenance and other advantages. Mainly used to reduce boiler, steam turbine, steam generator, steam pipe network, compressed air, steam, air, breathed his last and non-toxic harmless gas pressure of exhaust vent generated noise emissions. Its noise reduction in 35 - 25 dB or so.
2, acoustic damping silencer is mainly with sound-absorbing material to reduce noise, sound-absorbing material fixed in the airflow circulation pipeline wall or in a certain way arranged in the pipeline, when an acoustic wave enters muffler, most of the energy is absorbed to the silencing effect. The advantage of the resistance muffler is that it can be in a wide range of high frequency noise reduction, especially for high frequency sound wave has prominent noise elimination effect. The disadvantage is that in the high temperature water vapor and the sound absorption material has the function of the gas in the life is short. Usually used in home, office air conditioning; large wind tunnel, jet engine test room, etc..

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