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Oil tank floating oil outlet device

At present, the traditional storage tanks in the transmission of liquid storage tanks to take the bottom of the liquid storage tank, the quality of the storage requirements are higher, transfer and transfer operations frequently, and requires a short liquid settlement operations, there are certain drawbacks. But the floating oil device can effectively avoid these drawbacks.
The floating oil discharge device is arranged in the oil storage tank, and is connected with the oil pipe of the tank wall to prevent the sewage from the bottom of the tank and the chemical and mechanical impurities and the oil mixture out of the tank. The device can also be used as a high liquid inlet pipe. Suitable for domestic and foreign oil storage, oil field, petrochemical, power, metallurgy, aviation and light industry, food and other industries all kinds of storage tanks.
Floating oil is mainly composed of a rotating mechanism, the rotary arm (pipeline), float, the instrument is composed of four parts. The rotating mechanism is connected with the tank wall through the flange. The rotary arm (pipeline) is connected with the rotating mechanism, the other end is connected with the float. When a tank into the oil or the oil level will rise or fall, the float will also rise and fall, the float and the rotary arm (pipeline) with one end connected together, the rotary arm (pipeline) and the other end is connected to the slewing mechanism, therefore the rotary arm (pipeline) in the floating driven to do rotary movement, the floater connected with the oil suction port is designed to be as may be shallow intrusion under the liquid level of the oil from the port of inflows from another port outflow into the slewing mechanism, through the rotary mechanism into the pot wall tube, and then out of the tank, in order to achieve floating oil this process. The device can be installed and used in the floating roof tank, and the upper end is connected with the floating roof.

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