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Oil mixer series

Oil blending device is a special equipment used in petrochemical liquid blending. Oil blending device is installed in the top, middle, side wall and bottom of the tank.
Oil Blender series are divided into single nozzle and multi nozzle two, a single nozzle is a streamlined cone shape. Multi nozzle is divided into 5 and 7 nozzle combination, the multi nozzle has the advantages of reducing cycle time, saving energy and reducing consumption, reducing evaporation loss.
The choice of the number of nozzles and the size of the nozzle are determined. The main parameters that need to be provided by the user are as follows:
1, oil viscosity, density
2, tank volume, diameter, tank wall height, safety height
3, the pump head, flow
4, the diameter of the pipe, the distance between the pump and the tank.
5, from the height of the general choice of 10 meters
matching requirements:
1, the tank must have a DN600
manhole; 2, the tube holder's setting: the inlet pipe must be in the distance between the tank wall 300-1000mm set a tube holder, the distance from the fixed nozzle flange 50-100mm set a pipe support, the two pipe support between every 5 - 3.5 meters set a tube support..
3, pay attention to adjust the inclination of the pipe bracket, the inlet pipe interface flange must remain vertical, the error control in 1.
installation notes:
In the operation of a fixed nozzle, high pressure and large flow of oil after the impact of the shock will occur after the violent oscillation, accelerate the destruction of equipment. In order to eliminate the high frequency and strong oscillation, the fixed nozzle must be fixed on the bottom plate of the tank. Because of the bearing with the fixed nozzle flange and flange of the oil to docking, even if reluctantly docking and it is difficult to ensure that the axis of the barrel body of the nozzle is fixed in the direction of the lead line, generally will not contain support legs fixed nozzle connected to the inlet pipe flange after fabrication and installation support. The method is as follows: < br > Methods: with standard tubing or fixed nozzle cylinder specifications into welded to the nozzle in the bottom plate of the fixed nozzle, the nozzle is located at the bottom of oil tank welding a diameter larger than that of the over 100 mm plate (thickness 6-10mm), and will take over in the middle of the plate welding.
[method 2: ready-made creation leg with plate (100x100 thickness 8mm) L50 angle (angle the length of less than into the oil tank at the lowest point of the bottom plate of oil tank spacing 10-30mm), leg welding in the nozzle is fixed on the cylinder body. Legs made 1-3, installed in the right position.

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