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Tank water-cutting machine

Manual works are widely applied in petrochemical industry, and this may lead to problems like wasting, pollution, low efficiency and poison. Thus, automatic water cutting machines are needed to solve these problems.
We have three sorts of water cutting machines for different situations. Mechanic water cutting machine??applicable for light oil tanks and has easy structures.
Electromechanical water cutting machine??applicable for all sorts of oil, with double protection and is under easy control.
Intellectual water cutting machines??applicable for all sorts of oil, water cutting status under monitoring, controlling and is statistical.

model definition

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Heating (W-yes, null-no)
Water cutting amount: 5-60m3/h
Ways of water cutting: J(mechanical)、D(electromechanical) Z(intellectual)
ordering instructions:
1. Please examine the operating instructions carefully before selecting the types and specification;
2. We are responsible for installation guidance only, remember to prepare all the materials before you begin the installation.
3. If you need to control the water cutting in the supervision room, please note it in the contracts. The operating instructions and the supervision software would be offered when
4. Special requirements may be fulfilled.
5. “Three guarantees” service is offered, and the warranty length is one year.

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