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Samplers below the tank

To solve the sampling problem of the complicated liquid in the tank, our company according to the ISO370-75 "liquid petroleum products of artificial sampling method, and GB/T4756-84 the petroleum and liquid petroleum new products (Trial) sampling method, the specifications developed for the different media and tank type sampling device.
this series of equipment has the following advantages:
1, safe sampling: sampling without the need to the tank, reducing the intensity of work, to ensure the safety of workers.
2, sampling accurate oil.
3, high degree of automation
4, the operation box integration design, easy installation and maintenance.
5 sampling, no residue, no drip sampling mouth.

applicable medium range: Naphtha, gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, crude oil, wax oil, asphalt, chemical raw materials etc.
uses the form: relative point, fixed-point sampling, relative point or point of the mixed liquid homogeneous sampling.
ambient temperature: -15 degrees to 90 degrees C (according to the specific circumstances of the installation of thermal insulation and heat tracing)
sample into the sample bottle way: liquid high pressure or purge drive
system cleaning drive mode: pneumatic pump (need to be equipped with 0.3MPa ~ 0.8MPa air source), manual pump
model and selection:

selection method:
1, KGC-K type: used for inner floating roof tank, outside floating roof tank
2, KGC-X type: used for roof tank, inner floating roof tank, outside floating roof tank;
3, KGC-H type: used for non mixing equipment of the dome tank, inner floating roof tank, outside floating roof tank;
4, KGC-I type: special for non mixing equipment of the dwarf dome tank
5, KGC-G type of: devoted to the mixing equipment of dome roof tank and inner floating roof tank, top in Canful conditions, upper, middle and lower, bottom, the export.
Above type of sampler are applicable to uniform liquid sampling, the tank sampling mechanism according to the principle of GB/T4756-1998 the oil liquid manual sampling, sampling settings: Upper: Level 1 / 6; the central: Level 1 / 2; the lower part of the sample: below the level of the 5 / 6; export level like, its lowest oil export pipeline; also can be increased bottom samples (from the tank bottom 150-300mm), at the top of the sample surface under 150-300mm).

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