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Oil-loading crane tube

Crane tube is a special equipment in the process of fluid loading and unloading, also known as fluid loading and unloading arm. It uses rotary joint and rigid pipe and elbow industry together, in order to achieve between the train, truck and bridge transportation pipeline transmission fluid equipment, to replace the old hose connection, has a very high security, flexibility and long service life.
I Secretary for the production of crane tube product conforms to the GB50074-2002 "code for design of oil depot, the standard of the, is in the process of sending and receiving oil a ideal special equipment, and can also be widely used in the chemical industry and other industries to send and receive all kinds of liquid materials.
The outer ring of the crane tube (loading and unloading arm) is usually made of alloy steel, and the inner ring is made of stainless steel, which is processed by precision numerical control machine tools.
The main seal of the crane tube adopts PTFE reinforced PTFE material, excellent wear resistance, sealing surface after polishing treatment, good sealing performance, long life.
Crane tube used for loading and unloading of strong corrosive medium, in the original pipeline on the basis of the special structure of the sealing ring and liner PTFE steel pipe can be loaded with acid, alkali and other strong corrosive chemical medium.
Transmission medium carbon steel pipe using GB8163 standard, stainless steel pipe using GB/T14976 standard.
After precise calculation of the spring cylinder balance system, to ensure that the crane tube (loading and unloading arm) to meet the requirements of the balance, the positioning of the operation is easy and convenient.
All pressure pipeline welds are made of argon arc welding, through strict testing and pressure testing, in line with the HG/T21608 standard.
Used for loading and unloading of flammable and explosive medium of the crane tube (loading and unloading arm) are equipped with high quality, reliable electrostatic grounding system, electrostatic resistance less than 2 ohm.
Crane tube (loading and unloading arm) structure is reasonable, with the size of the arm as small as possible, to achieve the maximum possible envelope range.
Crane tube (loading and unloading arm) according to HG/T21608 standards for strict inspection and testing, the performance parameters can be effectively guaranteed.

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