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Eyewash is when the occurrence of toxic and harmful substances, such as chemical liquid, etc., splash to the staff on the body, face, eye or fire cause a fire staff clothing for an emergency, a temporary reprieve harmful substances on the body further violation, follow-up is required comply with the doctor's guidance and treatment, avoid or reduce unnecessary accidents.
Eye washer as early as 80s in the foreign developed industrial countries (the United States, Britain, etc.) the vast majority of factories, laboratories and hospitals are widely used. The purpose is to reduce the damage to the body by the toxic and harmful substances in the work, and is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry and the places where hazardous substances are exposed.
Select a product that is suitable for use in their own factory, is the most important thing for the factory to provide the right safety protection products for the field workers. So how to choose the right eye wash equipment?
According to the work site to determine the toxic and harmful chemical substances
When using the presence of chloride, fluoride, sulfuric acid or oxalic acid concentration of more than 50%, can only choose to dip plastic ABS stainless steel eye washer or the use of special treatment of high-performance stainless steel eye wash.
According to the local winter temperature to decide
In addition to the Southern China area in China, other areas in the winter will be 0 degrees Celsius below the weather, then there will be water inside the eye wash device, it will affect the normal use of eye wash. To solve the problem of water inside the water washing machine, it is necessary to use anti freezing eye washer, electric with hot water washing device or electric eye washing device.
According to whether there is water in the workplace to determine the situation
Where there is no fixed source of water for the work place, or where a regular change of work place is required, a portable eye wash device may be used. The eye washer can move to the position where the work site is needed, but the small portable washing device has only the function of washing, and the water flow of the washing eye is much smaller than that of the stationary type. For the working site with a fixed water source, the fixed type eye washing device is adopted, which can directly connect the tap water in the field, and the water flow is large. Fixed eye washer has many kinds, can choose according to the needs of the factory.

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