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Static mixer is a kind of no moving parts, mixing equipment, the basic working mechanism is the fixed in the tube mixing unit of change the flow state of fluid in the tube, in order to achieve different fluid between good dispersion and fully mixing.
Since 1970s, the static mixer has been used in the chemical industry, food industry, textile industry and other industries, and has achieved good results. But the static mixer as a patent product, the domestic and foreign structure is not only confidential, but also made a one-time non detachable structure.
Division I is a professional manufacturer of static mixer can not only applied to the mixing process, and can be applied to mixed - transfer process, including gas / gas mixing, liquid / liquid extraction, gas / liquid reaction, strengthening heat transfer and liquid / liquid reaction process. The product has the advantages of low energy consumption, investment, good effect, quick effect and the like, are widely used in a plurality of plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, metallurgy, food, chemicals, pesticides, cable, petroleum, papermaking, chemical, biological and environmental protection industry.
The production of our static mixer has SK series, SL series, SV series, SX series.
1、SK series of static mixer: also known as single helical static mixer, its unit is to reverse the 180 degree or 270 degree spiral plate, installed in the tube adjacent to the screw respectively. Compared with the SV type static mixer, the mixing effect of SK type is poor, and it has the obvious amplification effect, but the SK type is not easy to plug, which is suitable for the dirty material.
2、SL series static mixer: unit by the cross bar according to certain rules constitute a single X shaped unit, technical characteristics for liquid-liquid, liquid-solid mixed, uneven coefficient s x is less than or equal to 5%.
3、SV series static mixer: the internal unit of the mixer is assembled by careful design of corrugated sheets, it can make different fluid flow in three-dimensional space for Z. Dispersed their each other types of static mixer, the SV type mixing effect best, especially on viscosity is less than or equal to 102 CPS liquid - liquid, liquid gas, gas gas mixing, emulsifying, reaction, absorption, extraction, strengthening, heat transfer process.
4、SX series of static mixer: the internal mixer unit is composed of a cross bar, bar and shell axis into 45 degrees. SX type mixing effect between SV and SK type, the differentiation process can make droplet dispersion to 2-5um for general mixing is uneven coefficient of a x X-2 is less than or equal to 1% of the amplification effect is unlikely.

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