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Sight glass series

As indispensable equipment in regular production, sight glasses are able to observe the flow and reaction of media including liquid, gas and steam, and are wildly used in petroleum, chemical, Synthetic Fibers, medical, foodstuff and other production equipments.
Main technical parameters:
1.Housing material: carbon steel, stainless steel (SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316, SUS306L), Teflon, plastics (PP, PVC etc.).
2.Glass material: borosilicate glass, quartz glass.
3.Operating temperature: the maximum permissible temperature of borosilicate glass is 280℃ and the scope of rapid change ought to within 230℃ to 220℃; the maximum permissible temperature of quartz glass is 800℃ and the scope of rapid change ought to within 550℃ to 20℃.
4.Operating pressure: borosilicate glass: 0.6~1.0Mpa.
quartz glass: 0.6~2.5Mpa.
5.Seal ring material: Teflon, chemigum, graphite, etc.
6.Flange standard: GH, HG, SH, HGJ, JB, ANSL, JIS, etc. (client specified, please determine the pressure grade)
7.Manufacture and inspection grade: in accordance with HGJ501-86 standard.
Matters needing attention:
1). the installation of sight glass: the flange plate must be clean and intact, must be operated by professionals.
2). the installation of sight glass lenses: make sure the base of sight glass flat and smooth, filler plate between sight glass and base was installed smoothly, without any damage or oil. Guarantee the rightful installation of the cover and the base first, and then fasten the screw slightly.
3). the seal rings of hinge joint and screw joint light glass equipment are supposed to be well installed before coming into operation. Reinforce the bolt if necessary. Assure the correct installation of the sight hole and sight glass hole, the intactness of connection flange as well, adjust the intactness screw. Make sure all the elements connect to sight glass are sealed well, as well as the connection between welded flange and sight glass; meanwhile keep the pressure inside the container below the rated pressure.
4). Do not put any extra pressure after installation; otherwise the glass would be stressed off balance and easily to broke.

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