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Expansion joint produced by our company used standard design of GB/T16749-1997, which can effectively guarantee the safety during the conveying of toxic and harmful, toxic and harmful substance in high-pressure pipe, avoiding ocean, air, factory and other environment pollution. The product carries the characteristic of resisting high temperature, high pressure, erosion, tiring and wear. Installation, need to pay attention to the following:
1、Before installation, we should first check the bellows expansion joints of the model, specifications and the bearing configuration of the pipeline must be combined with the design requirements。
2、the expansion joint with the inner liner, should pay attention to the direction of the cylinder and the direction of the media flow direction (according to the expansion of the flow direction of the installation). The hinge rotation screen of the plane angular expansion joint should be consistent with the displacement plane.
3、Need to carry on "cold tight" expansion joints, the auxiliary components used in the pre deformation, should be removed after the expansion section of the pre deformation.
4、Piping installed after should immediately remove expanding festival as an installation auxiliary positioning mechanism of the transport protection and fasteners, and according to the requirements of the design will be limited to bit device is adjusted to the specified location, the pipe system in the environmental conditions can be fully compensated.
5、In addition to the design requirements of the pre tension or cold tightening of pre deformation, it is strictly prohibited to use corrugated pipe deformation method to adjust the installation error of pipeline, so as not to affect the normal function of the expansion joints, otherwise it will reduce its service life and increase piping, equipment and supporting member of the load.
6、All the active components of the expansion joint shall not be blocked by the external members or restrict the normal operation of the active part.
7、In the installation process, the welding slag is not allowed to splash onto the surface of the panel and the bellows can be damaged by other machines.
8、For the expansion joints used in gas medium and the connection pipeline, when the water pressure test is made, whether the charging time of the expansion joint is to be taken into consideration, the temporary support is added to the bearing.

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