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Filter is the heart of the filter, but also the main principle of the filter, in order to purify the original ecological resources and resources to re-use and the need for purification equipment. Filter using range is very wide, to industrial production such as iron and steel smelting, electricity production, marine purification and so on, small drinking water treatment, solid waste re-use, filtering fueled vehicles, bicycle lubricating oil filter and so on.
filter elements of the classification:
1 according to the use of the medium is divided into: air filter, water filter, filter, oil filter.
2 according to the filter element material is divided into: paper filter, chemical fiber filter, metal mesh filter, metal powder sintering filter, PP filter, filter, filter, activated carbon filter, etc..
3 hydraulic system which is divided into: oil absorption filter, pipe filter, oil filter.
4 water filter elements in the cable around the filter, PP melt blown filter, folding filter, large flow filter.
filter cartridge can achieve the following functions:
1 interception: removal of impurities in liquids such as liquids or gases;
2 Mixing: in accordance with the requirements of the different fluid evenly mixed together;
3 gas liquid separation: remove the oil mist or water in the gas;
4 buffer: to protect the measuring instrument from the impact of high pressure pulse;
5 foam: the air or gas in the liquid to produce a uniform need of bubbles;
6 silence: the elimination of exhaust noise;
7 adsorption: the use of material affinity between the adsorption of special materials;
8 Cyclone: the use of centrifugal force to separate the material;
9. Reverse osmosis: a pressure difference as the driving force, from the solution isolated membrane solvent separation operation, due to the opposite it and natural penetration direction, it is known as the reverse osmosis. According to the different osmotic pressure of the different materials, the reverse osmosis method which is larger than the hydraulic pressure can be made to achieve the purpose of separation, extraction, purification and concentration.
filter element of the key technical parameters:
Purchase filter need to pay special attention to the work pressure, nominal flow, filter precision, filter media, filter materials, etc..

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