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    Closed sampler series

    Our production of closed sampler reference UOP technology design and manufacturing, applied to petroleum, chemical device in a variety of media, especially toxic, flammable and explosive hazardous fluid leak free sampling.

    Oil-loading crane tube

    I Secretary for the production of crane tube products meet the GB50074-2002 "code for design of oil depot" standard, is in the process of sending and receiving oil a ideal special equipment, and can also be widely used in the chemical industry and other industries to send and receive all kinds of liquid materials.

    Cooler and depressurizer

    WY series of reduction temperature and pressure reducing device is our absorb foreign advanced product mix, technology optimization design and apply in cogeneration, central heating and gas supply) and thermal power engineering in steam heat energy (pressure, temperature) change and waste heat energy.

    Eye-washing machine

    Eye washer is intended for use in reducing the damage to the body of toxic and hazardous substances in the workplace, widely used in petroleum, chemical, semiconductor industry, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and places where hazardous substances are exposed.

    Blender series

    Our static mixer is widely used in the process of gas / gas mixing, liquid / liquid extraction, gas / liquid reaction, heat transfer enhancement and liquid / liquid reaction, etc., which has the advantages of low energy consumption, good investment, good effect and quick effect.

    Sight glass series

    Mirror used in petroleum, chemical, chemical fiber, food and other industrial production equipment, can be at any time to observe the flow of liquid, gas, steam and other media, is indispensable to ensure the normal production of accessories.

    Metal hose

    Metal hose is installed on the pipeline, to reduce earthquake damage, compensation line protection foundation sink, pipeline expansion and contraction. A total of more than and 70 varieties, widely used in petroleum, chemical, refrigeration, light industry, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

    Compensator series

    Our company produces the expansion joint by GB/T16749-1997 criterion for optimal design, effectively ensure the pressure pipeline in the delivery of various harmful toxic flammable and explosive medium, high safety performance and application in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, nuclear and other industry.

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