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|Product introduction

Static mixer is a kind of no moving parts, mixing equipment, the basic working mechanism is the fixed in the tube mixing unit of change the flow state of fluid in the tube, in order to achieve different fluid between good dispersion and fully mixing.
Division I is a professional manufacturer of static mixer can not only applied to the mixing process, and can be applied to mixed - transfer process, including gas / gas mixing, liquid / liquid extraction, gas / liquid reaction, strengthening heat transfer and liquid / liquid reaction process. The product has the advantages of low energy consumption, investment, good effect, quick effect and the like, are widely used in a plurality of plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, metallurgy, food, chemicals, pesticides, cable, petroleum, papermaking, chemical, biological and environmental protection industry.
The production of our static mixer has SK series, SL series, SV series, SX series.
SK type static mixer also known as single spiral static mixer, its unit is to reverse the 180 degree or 270 degree spiral plate, installed into the tube when the adjacent spiral respectively. Compared with the SV type static mixer, the mixing effect of SK type is poor, and it has the obvious amplification effect, but the SK type is not easy to plug, which is suitable for the dirty material. The differentiation process can make the liquid Li dispersed into 10um, used in the mixing process of general non-uniform coefficient a*X-2<5%.

|product mix

|Product technical parameters

A typical application case of this product: light oil refining, sewage treatment, solvent de asphalt, acid-base neutralization, asphalt blending, furfural extraction, gasoline removal of mercaptans, liquid hydrocarbon mercaptan, papermaking, synthetic fiber, injection molding, heat transfer of polymer mixed color and other removal.
[main product model specification]:
Specifications Nominal diameter
Hydraulic diameter
Mixer length
Treatment quantity
SK-5/10 10 5 150 0.15-0.30
SK-7.5/15 15 7.5 300 0.3-0.6
SK-10/20 20 10 500 0.6-1.2
SK-12.5/25 25 12.5 500 0.9-1.8
SK-20/40 40 20 500 2.2-4.5
SK-25/50 50 25 500 3.5-7.0
SK-40/80 80 40 1000 9-18
SK-50/100 100 50 1000 14-28
SK-75/150 150 75 1000 31-64
SK-100/200 200 100 1000 56-110
SK-125/250 250 125 1000 88-177
SK-150/300 300 150 1000 127-255
SK-175/350 350 175 1000 173-346
SK-200/400 400 200 1000 226-452
SK-250/500 500 250 1000 353-706

|Installation and maintenance

The pressure drop calculation of static mixer is based on the hydraulic diameter, and the influence of the coefficient of friction on the void ratio is considered.
SV type, SX type, SL type static mixer F and Re e relation are as follows:
Mixer type SV-2.3/D SV-3.5/D SV-5~15/D Type SX Type SL
Laminar region Range relation Reε≤23
Transition zone Range relation 23<Reε≤150
F=23.1 Reε-0.428
F=43.7 Reε-0.631
F=74.7 Reε-0.476
F=57.7 Reε-0.568
Turbulent zone Range relation 150<Reε≤2400
F=14.1 Reε-0.329
F=10.3 Reε-0.351
F=22.3 Reε-0.194
F=10.8 Reε-0.205
Fully turbulent region Range relation Reε>2400

|Order notice

When ordering, please note: 1, nominal pressure according to the user conditions decided to use; 2, the material: stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, Teflon, polypropylene and other; 3, flange standard: with the user connection chip matching, can provide the mating flange; 4, mixed unit can design and manufacture a type or a fixed type pumping; 5, hourly flow with water as the standard.

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