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|Product introduction

Our KMC series is to follow the SH0233-92 sampler "liquefied petroleum gas sampling method", manufacturing and design, UOP technology. Suitable for oil and chemical equipment in various media, especially toxic, harmful, flammable, explosive and other hazards in the medium and low pressure gas liquid media without leakage sampling. The sample with strong authenticity, high accuracy, no residual liquid and gas emission. Effectively prevent toxic and harmful media damage to the operator. At the same time will not pollute the environment, to avoid the flammable and explosive media in the sampling may cause the risk of accidents. Meet the requirements of the state for environmental protection, fire protection, explosion protection, etc..
KMC series sampler for a total of three categories, respectively, gas closed sampler, the confined liquid sampler, a rocker plug type closed sampler.
Gas tight sampling system used in gas or gas-liquid mixture of sample collection, the characteristics of the sampler is containing two external connection and control of a single valve parts, sampling of fluid into the cylinder.

|product mix

|Product technical parameters

The closed sampling system is designed for the collection of gas or gas-liquid mixture samples.
Samples through the inlet valve to enter the sample just bottle, through the exit valve for recycling or into the torch system. The sample is always in a state of flow within the cylinder, so it can get very representative samples. The sampling system reduces the labor intensity of the sampling work, and the whole closed design ensures the operation safety and reduces the harm to the environment.
[product features]
1, the sample is in the flow state, can ensure the representative of the sample.
2, fast connection, easy to facilitate the handling of the cylinder, easy to operate.
3, all closed design, the whole process of sampling without leakage.
4, safety and environmental protection.
[basic composition]
1, material: SS304, SS316L
2, cylinder: 25-2000ml, 20MPa
3, system pipeline: OD=1/4
4, valve: 1/4
5, quick connector: 1/4
6, metal hose: 1/4
[matching components]
Pressure gauge, heat preservation, flow display, access connection mode, temperature, heating, heat exchanger, special material.

|Installation and maintenance

[safety precautions]
1, sampling bottle collection media should be the volume of 70-85%.
2, has been filled with the sampling of the sample bottle, must be far away from the fire source, to prohibit close to high temperature and exposure in the sun.
3, use should be carefully examined before sampler of the pipe joints is connected closely, such as loose, should be timely maintenance before use.
4, sampling bottles and joints between the seal should be regularly checked, if any damage should be replaced in a timely manner.

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