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PP microporous folding filter element

|Product introduction

PP microporous folding filter core is the membrane folding filter core, to determine the membrane material, by polypropylene non-woven (net), divided into the flow and support after folding, insert the central tube, into the shell made.
Filter housing, the center rod and end cover with hot-melt folded filter (1) welding processing technology, without any glue, parts are used without adhesive hot melt welding melting technology, melt sealing form a complete one of the filter element, does not contain chemical pollutants, no leakage, no secondary pollution.
The product characteristics of PP micro hole folding filter element are as follows:
1, excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for the filtration of acid, alkali and organic solvent;
2, the membrane is a folding type of deep filtration, membrane filtration area;
3, the pressure is low, the ability of pollution, long service life;
4, have a wide filtering accuracy can be selected.

|product mix

|Product technical parameters

[PP microporous filter material parameters]:
1, filter element medium: polypropylene;
2, the media support layer: polypropylene;
3, top cover: polypropylene;
4, central filter rod: polypropylene;
5, gasket: standard material for the EPDM, alternative silica gel, NBR, Viton, etc.;
6, O-ring: standard material for silica gel, alternative EPDM, NBR, Viton, etc..
[PP micro porous folding filter element product technical performance]:
1, filter precision: 0.2um 0.45um 1um 3um 0.1um 5um 10um 20um 30um 50um;
2, filter length: 5 10 20 30 40 "if there are special circumstances, can be customized, all to customer demand for quasi and quality standard.
3, the diameter of the filter element: 83mm 131mm 68mm;
4, the inner diameter of the filter element: ~40mm 28mm;
5, the trial of pH value: 1-12;
6, interface: 226; 222; 224; 220; 215;
7, the interface mode: flat pressure type; fin type; three piece type;
8, test: the absolute accuracy of each filter element bubble point test in line with the GMP requirements, after 23 degrees pure water integrity test;
9, differential pressure: forward 4.2bar; reverse 2.1 bar;
The 10 area is not less than 0.55 square meters, filter every 10 inches;
11, the highest temperature is not higher than 120 DEG 0.1Mpa;
12, the maximum working pressure: 0.3Mpa 50;
13, the maximum back pressure difference: 0.2Mpa 25;
14, the maximum disinfection temperature: 120 degrees Celsius for half an hour;
15, USP endotoxin or 0.25EV/ml (VSP) standard.

|Installation and maintenance

|Order notice

Please specify the working pressure, nominal flow rate, filter precision, filter media, filter material and so on.

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