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Flame arrester series

Anti-explosive flame-extinguisher cap

|Product introduction

Mainly used at the end of the pipes or tanks of flammable gas to improve emission and prevent combustion. It is more suitable for being installed at the end with its rain cover and lower price.

|product mix

|Product technical parameters

[main technical parameters]:
1, shell material: carbon steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel (SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L).
2, resistance to fire core pieces: stainless steel explosion resistance fire ripple plate.
3, sealing ring material: ptfe.
4, working temperature: less than or equal to 480 DEG C
5, explosion-proof level: 5501:IIC BS.
6, the scope of application: storage ignition temperature is lower than 60 DEG C oil chemical products; can be used with breather valve, used alone; inner floating roof tank vent pipe; gas station underground tank ventilation pipe.
7, flange standards: GB, HG, SH, HGJ, JB, ANSL, JIS and other standards. (user specified, please specify pressure level)
8, manufacturing, testing standards: according to (oil tank fire resistance and fire resistance performance and test methods) GB5908-86, GB13347-92 and other standards for manufacturing and acceptance, or user specified standard.
[main dimension]:
caliber L H
40 200 200
50 220 230
80 310 280
100 330 350
150 420 390

|Installation and maintenance

1. The flame arresters should be checked every 6 months.
2. Blocked flame arresting cores should be cleaned, and broken flame arresting layers should be changed.
3. The joint surface should be rigorous when reinstalling the flame arresting layer cores.

|Order notice

Order shall be determined by the following parameters: diameter; work pressure; (3) material; (4) flange standard; dielectric; the operating pressure; to give you provide suitable products.

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