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High Precision Microporous Film Filter

|Product introduction

A sanitary filter consists of a folding microporous film cartridge and stainless steel (SUS304) construct with a multi-cartridge inside. We are able to design a model according to the customer’s specifications. The tube of the cartridge is connected by quick opening ring-head bolt which makes it really easy to assemble, disassemble and clean the filter. The internal face of the filer has been mirror polished (Ra ≤ 0.2 um) or electropolished, meeting GMP standard.
We adopt the design of a similar product from Germany: refined 304 or 316 stainless steel sanitary crust, high precision mechanical polished internal and external faces, special shell locking collar and 1.6Mpa maximum pressure.

|product mix

|Product technical parameters

Main technical parameter:
1.Material of shell: stainless steel (SUS304, SUS304L, SUS316, SUS316L)
2.Material of sealed circle: PTFE
3.Working temperature: -80~450℃

Applied scope:
1.Food and beverages: White sugar filtration, perfume filtration, tea beverage filtration, wine, mineral water and beer etc.;
2.Water treatment: System depuration in cooling equipment, filtration of oilfield injection and un-well liquid, depuration of condensate water in electric factory and the recycle of resin in ion exchange;
3.Chemical product: Recycle of catalyst, removal of carbon ink and aid-filter reagent;
4.Viscose: Removal of Acrylic adhesive gel, removal of PVC condensation polymer block;
5.Lubricating oil: Filtration of lubricating oil before package, filtration of lubricating oil to remove aid-filter reagent;
6.Car production: Filtration of electrophoretic paint, filtration of hardener, filtration of solvent and filtration before package;
7.Aluminium material production: Removal of sediments in phosphate groove, recycle of expensive metal;
8.Electronic industry: Removal of Zinc deposits out of Zinc hydroxide, removal of impurities in foil electrolyzer;
9.Fine chemicals: Detergent filtration, filtration out of carbon during coconut oil refinery;
10.Petro chemical: Recycle of oil, desulfurization and filtration of amine in oil and gas.

[main dimension]:
DN H H1 H2 D Core number
25 400 250 70 180 10″-3
25 400 250 70 200 10″-5
32 610 300 70 220 20″-3
32 610 300 70 220 20″-5
40 610 300 70 250 20″-7
40 610 300 70 250 10″-9
50 610 300 70 300 10″-12
65 900 900 70 350 30″-5
65 900 900 70 350 30″-7

|Installation and maintenance

1, the core component of the precision filter is the filter of the filter, the filter is easy to damage the parts, need special protection.
2, the precision filter for a long time to work, will cut a certain amount of impurities, this will work when the rate decreased, so it must be cleaned regularly, but also to clean the filter.
3, in the cleaning process to pay special attention to the cleaning of the filter filter, do not deform or damage, otherwise it will lead to a reduction of filter precision, not to the production requirements.
4, if the filter is found to be deformed or damaged, must be replaced immediately.
5, some precision filter, can not be used repeatedly, such as bag filter, polypropylene filter, etc..

|Order notice

Order shall be determined by the following parameters: diameter; work pressure; (3) material; (4) flange standard; dielectric; the operating pressure; to give you provide suitable products.

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