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|Product introduction

Packet filter has been applied in global industry broadly and had a standard. Single packet system and multi-packet system are available for clients.

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|Product technical parameters

Main characteristics
1.Small probability of side leakage guarantees quality of filtration;
2.Packet filtration can hold larger working pressure, smaller loss, lower cost and significant energy saving;
3.Precision of filter bag has reached 0.5um;
4.Packet filtration has large dealing capacity, small size and large dirt holding capacity;
5.It is convenient to replace filter bag. And there is no need to clean the machine;
6.Filter bag can be use repeatedly after cleaning, saving the cost;
7.Application of packet filtration is broad, usage flexible and installation various.
Technical Parameter:
Packet filter can be divided into single packet filter, multi-packet filter and sandwich type filter.
1.Single packet can provide high precision and high performance equipment and pre-filtration economical filter.
2.Multi-packet filter is applied to large flow filtration. It can provides 1~40 cartridges.From two packets to 24 packets, the size is complete. Flange diameter is from 50mm to 450mm. Maximum flow per machine is from 90 to 1000m3/h. Quick opening design is available and the replacement filter bag is convenient.
Main applications:
  1. Single packet:Paint, beer, vegetable oil, medicine, chemical medicine, petro product, textile chemicals, photographic chemicals, plating solution, milk, mineral water, heat flux, latex, industrial water, sugar water, resin, ink, industrial sewage, juice, oil, waxes.
2.Multi-packet:It is the first filter bag designed for food and beverage industry, which meets the request of food industry.
Characters for Multi-packet filter:
• Crust flange of filter uses boom + eye bolt
• Three-point pressure ring guarantee the seal of filter and filter bag. Attaching tools make it easy to operate.
• Operation is easy and safe.
• The design of entering from the side and falling out from the bottom guarantees the liquid being emitted completely.
• Parts in touch with liquid are made by stable stainless steel, anti-corrosive to various liquids.
• The filter is well-knit, keeping the loss of liquid to minimum.
• Design of 4 to 24 packets
Operation of filtration and Precautions
1.The operation of this machine is very simple. You just need to install filter bag inside of the filter tube, check the zero seals and tighten the cartridge cover ring bolts.
2.After the pump is turned on, the initial pressure will be 0.05MPa. With residue increasing, the pressure will increase. When the pressure reaches 0.4MPa, machine should be stopped and the cover should be opened to check the filter bag and replace it (normally, the bag just needs to be cleaned).
3.0.1~0.3MPa is more proper for filter and can be adjusted by return line and return valve. Filtration pressure being too high will do harm to filter bag and protecting net.

|Installation and maintenance

[bag filter operation and matters needing attention]:
1, the machine has the advantages of simple operation, use only needed fineness grade filter bag install in the cartridge, check O type sealing ring is intact, and then tighten the cartridge cover ring bolts can be put into work.
2, pump start, a slight increase in pressure gauge on the filter, initial pressure of about 0.05 MPa or so, with the extension of the use of time, cylinder filter residue is increasing gradually, when the pressure of 0.4MPa should be shut down open the cylinder cover, check the filter bag machine left slag, can replace the filter bag to use (bag by cleaning can be reused).
3 the filter pressure regulation in 0.1-0.3mpa more appropriate, through the reflux pipe or pump return valve to regulate, filtration pressure too high will damage the bag and the safety net, need extra attention.
[filter maintenance]:
1, the core component of the precision filter is the filter of the filter, the filter is easy to damage the parts, need special protection.
2, the precision filter for a long time to work, will cut a certain amount of impurities, this will work when the rate decreased, so it must be cleaned regularly, but also to clean the filter.
3, in the cleaning process to pay special attention to the cleaning of the filter filter, do not deform or damage, otherwise it will lead to a reduction of filter precision, not to the production requirements.
4, if the filter is found to be deformed or damaged, must be replaced immediately.
5, some precision filter, can not be used repeatedly, such as bag filter, polypropylene filter, etc..

|Order notice

Order shall be determined by the following parameters: diameter; work pressure; (3) material; (4) flange standard; dielectric; the operating pressure; to give you provide suitable products.

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