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Pressure-vessel sight glass

|Product introduction

Equipment sight glass also called pressure vessel sight glass, vessel sight glass and combine sight glass, is divided into hubbed equipment sight glass (refer to sight glass standard NBT47017-2011). It is one of the most commonly used mountings.

|product mix

|Product technical parameters

Main dimension:
Nominal diameter Pressure class L H
DN50 0.6Mpa 115 73
1.0 Mpa 130 113
1.6 Mpa 130 116
2.5 Mpa 130 120
DN80 0.6 Mpa 140 82
1.0 Mpa 160 120
1.6 Mpa 160 127
2.5 Mpa 160 128
DN100 1.0 Mpa 200 142
1.6 Mpa 200 143
DN125 1.0 Mpa 225 143
DN150 1.0 Mpa 250 150

|Installation and maintenance

1, mirror installation: welding flange plate must be clean and no damage, the operation by professional personnel.
2, mirror lens installation: make sure that the mirror seat is smooth, the sealing gasket between the lens and the mirror seat is smooth, the sealing gasket is not damaged and non stick oil. Make sure that the mirror holder is fitted correctly with the lid before the fastening screws, and then tighten the screw slowly.
3, hinged or threaded connection of the mirror device in front of the work to make sure that the sealing pad installed well. Re tighten the bolts if necessary. Make sure that the sealing gasket between the hole and the hole of the mirror is installed correctly, the connecting flange is not damaged, and the connecting bolt is adjusted. Not only to be sure that the components connected with the mirror lens is sealed well, but also to make sure that the seal between the mirror and the welding flange is good, and to ensure that the pressure within the container does not exceed the rated pressure.
4, after the installation of the mirror can not have additional pressure, otherwise it will cause the force of the mirror is not uniform, resulting in glass broken glass.

|Order notice

Order shall be determined by the following parameters: diameter; work pressure; (3) material; (4) flange standard; dielectric; the operating pressure; to give you provide suitable products.

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