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Tank water-cutting machine

KQS-J Tank-using mechanical water-cutting machine

|Product introduction

Working principle
The floating ball would float in water and sink in oil since its average density is between water and oil. After rest time for separation, open the tank root valve and let water in the machine. When the water in the machine reaches a certain level, the ball begins to float and pull the connecting rod to open the valve core and begin drainage. The water falls to a certain level, water decreases and oil increases, the ball sinks and the valve close. When the water of the layer enters the water cutting machine and the oil flows back to the tank, water reaches a certain level and water cutting would begin again. This recycles until there is no water in the oil tank. After that, a water close would form in the machine, ensuring there is no oil leakage.

|product mix

|Product technical parameters

Special designed non-pressure structure has been adopted for the product, making the valve more flexible. In cold places, covers or heating could be used to ensure the water cutting process.
Technological parameters
1.Working pressure
2.Working temperature
3.Nominal water cutting amountgong’cheng
4.Cutting water oil content
5.Working medium: light oil
7.Steam pressure
9.The outfall could be placed at random.
10.Small and has good adaptability

|Installation and maintenance

|Order notice

1, when ordering, please refer to the use of detailed specification, selected models and specifications;
2, the company is only responsible for on-site guidance, on-site installation and the required supporting materials by the user;
3, if the user needs to control the introduction of water control room, please indicate in the contract, the monitoring system and the use of the specific content of the monitoring software, installation, use the delivery time to provide;
4, special requirements can be based on user needs to book production;
5, the implementation of this product three packs, one year warranty period.

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