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Tank water-cutting machine

KJY-II oil-cutting drain

|Product introduction

As density varies from oil to water, this product can cut oil and drain water by buoyance difference. If there is enough water in the well, the buoy floats and opens the pressure reducing valve through the lever, and open the air hole in the drain valve core, then water flows out through the drain valve thus reducing the pressure, the buoy would continue floating and open the drain valve to let water out; if the medium in the well is oil, the buoy sinks and closes the air hole in the drain valve core, thus shutting the water draining valve to prevent oil from leaking; if it’s dry and there’s no water in the well, the water draining valve would shut automatically; if water and oil both exist in the well, they would be layered, and water would drain through the water draining valve while oil would be still in the well to be collected, thus realizing full automation in the tank area.

|product mix

|Product technical parameters

Product Structure
1. KP-I
link rod
water out
valve core
Technical parameters
(1) Nominal diameter
(3) Nominal pressure
(4) Standards for flanges
(5) Density of medium
(1) Specially designed structure without backpressure has been adopted, the valve would move with the lever, ensuring pressure consistency in and outside the valve core.
(2) Automation with no energy consuming, safe, environmental-friendly and economical.
(3) Small size and proper structure with no vulnerable devices, easy to use and maintain.
(4) Automatically turn on and off according to water amount and distinguish oil and water from their mixture. It can work continuously 24h every day and reduce working pressure under different weather conditions.

|Installation and maintenance

|Order notice

Ordering instructions:
1. Please examine the operating instructions carefully before selecting the types and specification;
2. We are responsible for installation guidance only, remember to prepare all the materials before you begin the installation.
3. If you need to control the water cutting in the supervision room, please note it in the contracts. The operating instructions and the supervision software would be offered when
4. Special requirements may be fulfilled.
5. “Three guarantees” service is offered, and the warranty length is one year.

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