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Shanghai Kaifan type Y filter in seawater using outstanding contribution

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Release time:2012年06月18日
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It is very important to take care of water from the point of view of enterprise management and environmental protection. Want to solve this problem need to start from the water resources, on the one hand, to save water, the water cycle, on the other hand to actively develop new water resources.
China is a coastal countries have rich seawater resources, but we all know that water is not able to directly use, Y type filter needs by filtration equipment can, traditional filtering techniques often meet corrosion of this problem, it is not a good will of water resources utilization, but now these problems have in full of water processor solved, a effect is good filtration equipment has in seawater filtration engineering trial.
Shanghai Kaifan specializing in the production of Y type filter in the seawater utilization in our country is very outstanding, in support of state and local governments, in our country the development of seawater using achieved obvious results. The minerals in the water and large particle impurities were removed by physical filtration, Y type filter physical water filter into the inside of the shell through a fine sintered filter, water of large particle impurities filtered into the inner part of the filter, clean water out of the nozzle to rule out the use of. After a period of filtering, Y filter can automatically filter, the entire Y type filter data are adjustable.
1, seawater desalination using Y type filter with remarkable results; 2, water filter has a huge domestic market demand; 3, with the technical conditions of industrialization; 4, with larger scale application of seawater desalination technology success Anli; 5, have water desalination processing equipment manufacturing can force Y type filter is a physical filter device.
Water resources are becoming less and less is an indisputable fact, Keyvan production of Y type filter can effectively filter water impurities and our production of Y type filter adopts the special material, anti corrosion performance.

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